Transform Unstructured Clinical Data Into
Real-World Insights
The Ember Platform

MetiStream's Ember Platform is a comprehensive platform for automating the transformation and analysis of real-world unstructured clinical and genetic data. Rapidly integrate, curate, and correlate all unstructured health data to develop feature-rich datasets to conduct deeper patient and population analysis.

Drive Better Clinical Decisions from Unstructured Data

Do more with the valuable clinical documentation and text that delivers the source of truth for analyzing patients and populations. Understand patterns as well as patient and disease characteristics to drive better clinical decisions.

Accelerated drug development and innovation
Optimize clinical studies and research
Conduct deeper patient discovery

The Ember Difference to Drive Better Healthcare Decisions

Robust Data Management and Integration

Ember delivers an end-to-end solution from
integration to analytics-ready datasets.

Automated Clinical Abstraction

Extract entities, terms, and values at the
most granular level for deeper insights.

Interactive Cohort and Search

Build precise patient cohorts using criteria from
both structured and unstructured health data.

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