Access deeper patient and population insights with MetiStream.

Access & Analyze EHR-derived RWD

Unstructured healthcare data from Electronic Health Records holds valuable patient data such as:

  •   Diagnosis
  •   Symptoms
  •   Family History
  •   Biomarkers
  •   Outcomes

MetiStream uses AI and NLP to uncover the clinical evidence and insights you need to deliver better, faster, more cost-effective, and personalized health treatments.

EMBER platform

Discover Deeper Clinical & Therapeutic Insights

Patient & Population Insights

Stratify patients’ symptoms, disease, biomarkers, and more to analyze risk, quality of care, and treatment outcomes.

Clinical Research & Trials

Identify more precise patient cohorts using complex inclusion and exclusion criteria extracted from clinical notes.

Real-World Data & Evidence

Transform unstructured clinical data into usable research and analytics-ready data sets for RWD & RWE analysis.

Who We Serve


Decrease the time of manual chart analysis and gain a comprehensive view of patients.

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Clinical Research

Accelerate oncology studies and trials using the right patient and clinical evidence.

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Life Sciences

Use RWD data to identify patients for trials
and accelerate product development.

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