Clinical Note Processing & Text Analytics

Ember Clinical Notes (ECN) allows healthcare organizations across diverse user groups to exploit the valuable text and notes data locked away in the EHR. Built on Ember's scalable big data and analytics platform, ECN can automate the processing of these free-text fields and store them as structured, reportable data that can be searched and analyzed as well as valuable input to building advanced analytic models. ECN does this by utilizing the power and speed of industry leading big data technologies as well as an optimized Natural Language Processing (NLP) functions to automatically annotate free text into discernable clinical terms and then normalize these terms against well-known ontology codes such as UMLS, Snomed-CT, CUI, or RxNorm.

Interactive Healthcare for Better Patient Engagement

Analytics and insights have no value if the users cannot leverage the information in a simple and timely manner. Data analytics have historically been difficult to understand or take action on for real value at the "front-line" of healthcare. Ember Insights (EI) is changing that by allowing end users to easily engage and understand the details of the analytic results in real-time. Now physicians and patients can collaborate, review and discuss risks and care plans in a transparent, interactive and meaningful way. Studies have shown that the higher the patience engagement in understanding and treatment plans the better the patient outcomes and experience.

Furthermore, physicians and patients can now take the analysis of risk factors to another level. For example, Ember allows the physician and patient to conduct “what if scenarios” against the predictive risk models for the evaluation of various risk profiles and factors to determine which course of action to take for the patient’s care plans.

Precision Medicine

With the rise of affordable cloud storage and the advent of federally backed initiatives like All of Us (previously known as the Precision Medicine Initiative), Health and Life Sciences organizations are increasingly looking for solutions to process and analyze massive amounts of genomic data. Legacy approaches to genomic processing and analysis are costly, time-intensive and cumbersome. Ember Omics (EO) is an out of the box solution, providing a complete package for data ingest, integration and analyzation. With a full a suite of built-in tools for quality control, genomic annotations, and statistical analysis, EO allows you to quickly gain insights on your genomic data and provide physicians an intuitive solution for genomics-based medicine.
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