Cloudera delivers the modern platform for data management and analytics. They provide the world’s fastest, easiest, and most secure Apache Hadoop platform to help you solve your most challenging business problems with data.

Founded by the team that built Kafka, Confluent builds a stream data platform that enables companies to easily access data as real-time streams.

Databricks was founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the team that created Apache Spark. They’ve been working for the past six years on cutting-edge systems to extract value from Big Data. Databricks believes that Big Data is a huge opportunity that is still largely untapped, and are working to revolutionize what you can do with it.
DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, accelerates the ability of enterprises, government agencies, and systems integrators to power the exploding number of cloud applications that require data distribution across datacenters and clouds, by using our secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra™.
MapR enables organizations to create disruptive advantage and long-term value from their data with the industry’s only Converged Data Platform, which delivers distributed processing, real-time analytics, and enterprise-grade requirements across cloud and on-premise environments–while leveraging the significant ongoing development in open source technologies including Spark and Hadoop.
Trifacta is focused on building software that helps individuals and organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a new approach to how data is explored and prepared for analysis. Whether you’re trying to improve the efficiency of an existing analysis process or utilize new sources of data for an analytics initiative, Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions will empower you to do more with data of all shapes and sizes.