MetiStream’s Ember Solution provides a framework for faster healthcare analytics and interoperability. Built on the foundation of scalable big data and machine learning technologies along with the next generation Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) standards, Ember enables organizations to accelerate their advanced analytics initiatives in the following areas:
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MetiStream accelerates the healthcare analytics lifecycle

Seamlessly integrate multi-structured health datasets and convert heterogeneous standards to a FHIR API for faster access and analytics; easily include datasets from claims, social media, wearable devices, IoT, or other progressive data sources
Apply Machine Learning analytics to proactively identify healthcare patterns, correlations and issues across diverse set of populations and communities; easily federate your analytic models
Identify and predict clinical care and outcomes in real-time by integrating EHR and genomic data
Quickly access accurate and secure patient and clinical data to improve care management
Enhance the usability & responsiveness of new healthcare applications with fast analytics for your mobile and desktop solutions