MetiStream’s Ember platform is a SaaS based real-time interactive healthcare analytics platform. The platform provides an out-of-the-box purpose-built analytic environment to integrate and process a variety of healthcare specific data, such as EHR and genomics data. In addition to providing a robust platform for the development and federation of new models, we also provision a set of pre-built optimized healthcare models that can be configured, trained, and quickly deployed within a clinical or operational setting. Our analytic applications are interactive, as well as web and mobile-enabled, to enhance collaboration and engagement between providers and patients.

For EHR data ingest and ETL, Ember supports the leading standards such as HL7v2, CCD, and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR). With Ember’s pre-built data ingest capabilities, data load is accelerated while ensuring data quality.

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MetiStream accelerates the healthcare analytics lifecycle

Ember genomics
Ingest, process, conduct Quality Control, and apply advanced analytics such as Machine Learning (ML) against massive volumes of genomics data. Ember Genomics provides customers with a comprehensive, fast and scalable solution for supporting the downstream whole genome pipeline process.
Ember clinical notes
Automate the process of extracting, processing and analyzing unstructured clinical notes within the EHR in batch or real-time. Leverage NLP capabilities to conduct fast analytics in a distributed environment.
Ember AI
Build, store, and operationalize machine learning models across the organization without moving your data. Ember AI’s model repository and execution engine federates and operationalizes advanced analytic models in a secure and scalable manner.
Ember engagement
Interact and change model analytic features, and attributes in real-time to conduct “what if scenarios” against the predictive models for the evaluation of various risk profiles. Ember dynamically generates user interfaces for your developed models based on their features and attributes.

Download the Ember datasheet now, or Contact Us for more details.

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  • End to end healthcare analytics platform in the cloud
  • Ingest and process variety of healthcare datasets including genomics
  • FHIR enabled to ease healthcare data interoperability and application development
  • Model driven interactive user interface to increase collaboration
  • Robust analytic model repository and execution engine to accelerate operationalization of analytics