Ember is a SaaS based interactive healthcare analytics platform that simplifies analytics for healthcare organization. The platform provides an out-of-the-box purpose-built analytic environment to integrate and process a variety of datasets.

In addition to providing a robust platform for the development and federation of new models, we also provide a set of pre-built optimized healthcare models that can be configured, trained, and quickly deployed within a clinical or operational setting. Ember’s innovative approach to operationalizing models by deploying them as out-of-the-box mini-applications dramatically shortens the time to deliver insight. Our analytic applications are interactive, as well as web and mobile-enabled, to enhance collaboration and engagement between providers and patients.

Ember DI

Ember Data Ingest (DI) provides a simple, cost-effective solution to migrating and storing large amounts of data. Using the scalable big data environment, Ember DI allows you to easily ingest and store your data in both batch and real-time processing across a variety of healthcare datasets, such as EHR, claims, genomics, social and demographic datasets. Ember DI further increases efficiency by dynamically allocating clusters to limit processing costs and node usage.

Ember Omics (EO) joins genomics and clinical data at scale to bring healthcare organizations closer to realizing the promise of Precision Health. With a full a suite of built-in tools for quality control, genomic annotations, and statistical analysis, EO allows you to quickly gain insights on your genomic data and provide researchers and physicians an intuitive solution for genomics-based medicine.

Ember Omics

Ember Clinical Notes

Ember Clinical Notes (ECN) allows Quality analysts and hospital staff to exploit the data once locked away in the physician's clinical notes. Built on Ember's scalable big data and analytics platform, ECN can tackle a multi-year backlog of notes in a matter of hours. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and big data search tools, ECN automates the processing of these free-text fields and stores them as structured, reportable data that can be rapidly searched and analyzed.

Build, store, and operationalize machine learning models across the organization without moving your data. Ember AI’s model repository and execution engine federates and operationalizes advanced analytic models in a secure and scalable manner.

Ember AI

Ember Insights

Ember Insights allows you to make your healthcare analytics actionable. With Ember Insights, you can interact and change model analytic features and attributes to conduct real-time “what if scenarios” against predictive models. Ember dynamically generates user interfaces for your developed models based on their features and attributes, providing a simple and intuitive way to interact with the insight and work of your data scientists.

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See how Ember shortens anayltics process

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Proven Results

Organizations can achieve better performance, accuracy, efficiency and cost reductions by leveraging the Ember platform. Ember has proven to dramatically reduce the time, resources and cost associated with meeting organizations CMS compliance and audit processes and procedures. Performance and efficiency are important but so is the accuracy of an organization’s data, analytics, and reporting. Ember has proven to provide results to various customers.Let us partner with you to innovate and accelerate your analytic journey!

  • Process months of manual processing to days to achieve over 85% savings in time and costs
  • Process years and millions of unstructured clinical notes records in hours
  • Improve the accuracy of operational and clinical KPIs and analytics by over 50% due to the enrichment of key data that was once trapped within the EHR

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