We help our customers take analytics to the next level and bring all of the critical components of a progressive analytic solution together. To do this, we offer an understanding of the data requirements and business rules, a scalable real-time processing architecture, and a repeatable analytic model framework. To make sure our analytic projects go smoothly, we employ an efficient and iterative methodology for deploying models into the existing operational systems and processes.
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Largest independent securities regulator in the U.S. processing up to 50 billion market transactions a day

Business Problem

This large regulator wants to leverage the best that big data and cloud technologies has to offer for processing and monitoring their trade, risk and market data.


Automate and standardize the existing ad hoc and manual intensive data ingest process that involves petabytes of disparate data sets from their 4100 member clearing firms.

Technologies: Hadoop, Hive, Apache Spark, Impala, Python, MapReduce, SQL, Java, Tableau, Netezza, Greenplum.


Provides an automated and integrated analytics platform to monitor trade issues and misconduct around trade activity handling large volumes of data.

Creates a robust and interactive analytic platform that can adapt and support changing market dynamics and needs.